Cycle rides along the former railway line

"The scenery is absolutely stunning." That is the verdict of people who have already cycled this trail. Thanks to its route, taking in the Volcano Cycle Trail, the Milseburg Cycle Trail, through the Ulster Valley and along the Solztal Cycle Trail, the trail is a great joy even for those who don't cycle regularly.

Eisenbach Castle

Eisenbach Castle was first mentioned in a written document of 1217. It lies some 3 km to the south of Lauterbach towards Herbstein, near to the B 275.

Hanau Castle

The Philippsruhe Palace was built between around 1700 and 1725 for Count Philipp Reinhard of Hanau near Kesselstadt, to the west of the town of Hanau.

Milseburg Tunnel

Opened in 1889, the Milseburg Tunnel is a 1173-metre-long, former railway tunnel, which used to belong to the Rhön railway. Today it provides a picturesque tunnel for the Milseburg Cycle Trail near to Berg Milseburg in the Hessian part of the Rhön region.

Lauterbach Stepping Stones

Stepping stones over the River Lauter. There is also a statue here on a stone plinth dedicated to the young Lauterbach scoundrel, with the famous line from the folk song about his sock – reputedly lost in a scurrilous amorous escapade.